Discipline is an MIT-licensed model versioning system for the Django framework. It stores all changes performed on a database in their rawest form, which allows for advanced database-level queries.


  • Django admin integration.
  • Gives the ability to undo any action (that is undoable).
  • In the admin interface provides a detailed list of actions, Discipline-controlled models get a custom history page with a list of actions filtered for the specific object.
  • Provides low-level API for checking the state of any object that ever existed at any point in time (with the ability to restore it, of course).
  • Supports schema migrations, integrates with South, provides API to enable Discipline-controlled South data migrations.


Both of these are compromises made to keep the code simple, they may be addressed in the future, but they are not a priority at the moment.

  • Does not support Django’s ManyToManyField and OneToOneField. The former can be emulated by creating a connecting model.
  • Forces each Discipline-controlled model to have a discipline.models.UUIDField as its primary key.

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